Staying Motivated …

Crash! The clubs hit the floor in the corner of the changing rooms. Thump! The sound that the golfer made, dropping heavily onto the bench after another bad round. “I am gonna sell those darn clubs and get a new hobby!”. The ensuing silence was punctuated only by the others, changing as quietly as they […]

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The DVD that Will Save Golfers Hundreds of Dollars

The sheer frustration of continually slicing, hooking, hitting fat or thin drives many golfers to the edge of desperation. They pay hundreds of dollars to arrange a lesson with their local golf pro to cure the faults in their play. Money that could be spent on other things, including on a day out to keep […]

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Rationalizing Failure leads to Failure

A big obstacle to improvement in golf is the habit of rationalizing. When a person rationalizes, it means, to put it simply, that they place the blame for their defeats upon outside persons or circumstances. This protects their (possibly fragile) ego by taking the sting out of failure. It turns painful depression into less painful […]

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A Positive Mindset

Most golfers will admit that golf is 90% mental, yet most spend all their time and efforts on the mechanical aspect of the game. The golfing industry hasn’t helped the trend by breaking down the golf swing and analyzing each of its components. The average handicap for club players is still the same as it […]

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Sink those putts …

One of the worst things a golfer can do is think too much about putting. It’s better to take one quick look at the line from behind the ball and another from beyond the hole and then hit the putt based on your first conclusion. Too many golfers examine putts from all directions, plumb-bob with […]

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